Color Picker From Image

Click on the image to get the color of image

image color picker
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How to use this image color picker


Upload your image file from computer local by clicking Choose an image button.


If your image has been uploaded success, it will be shown on the top of this page


Move your mouse and click any pixel on that image (select a color)


The selected color code will be show right side second box.


Click on the copy button, the color code will be copied to the clipboard.

Pick Color from any image

An online image color picker is an website that help you to pick Color Palette from image. you can pick any color from any image from any source. You just need to upload the image and then select any color.

This is an image color picker that can help you find the color on the image, support HTML HEX code, RGB color code. Free online color tool, no install needed, easy and convenient operation, just take a photo and upload it, then click on the picture, you will get color code.

About image color picker tool

An image color picker tool is a online tool that allows users to select and identify the colors present in an image. These tools are commonly used in graphic design, web development, and digital art, and can be found in a variety of software programs such as photo editors, web design tools, and drawing applications.

To use an image color picker tool, users typically hover their cursor over the image and use the picker to select a color. The selected color will be displayed in a color box or palette, along with its RGB or HEX value. Some image color picker tools also allow users to sample a specific area of the image by clicking and dragging the picker over the desired area.

In addition to selecting colors from an image, many image color picker tools also have additional features such as the ability to adjust the color value or save selected colors for future use. These features can be useful for creating a cohesive color scheme or matching colors in a photograph.

Use of image color picker tool

An image color picker is a tool that allows users to select a specific color from an image. Some common uses of image color pickers include:

  1. Graphic design: color picker tool can be used by graphic designers to extract specific colors from images and incorporate them into their designs.
  2. Web design: Image color picker also used by web designers to select colors from images to use in their designs, such as for website backgrounds or logos.
  3. Digital art: it can be used by digital artists to select colors from images to use in their art, such as when creating digital paintings or illustrations.
  4. Printing: it can be used by printers to extract specific colors from images and match them to a specific color profile or palette.
  5. Product customization: it also used by consumers to select specific colors from images when customizing products, such as when ordering custom t-shirts or mugs.
  6. Color correction: Image color pickers can be used by photographers and videographers to select specific colors from images and adjust the color balance to achieve a desired look.
Overall, image color picker tools are an essential tool for anyone working with color in digital media. They can save time and effort when trying to find the perfect color for a project, and can be a valuable asset for graphic designers, web developers, and digital artists.

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