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How use image compressor

Compress Image Size Online is a free online image compressor tool, you don“t have to pay any thing for using our service, and it“s very simple to use, we provide secure and reliable service to compress JPEG and PNG Photos online.

Faster Image Transfer and Sharing

When it comes to sharing images via email or social media, file size plays a crucial role. Compressed images are smaller in size, making them quicker to transfer and share. Whether you are sending images to clients, colleagues, or friends, an image compression tool enables faster file uploads and downloads.

Our Image Compressor Features

Very Fast Compression

You can drag and drop your images or select images and compress quickly.

Bulk Image Compress

You can select multiple image, during upload process you can upload more image, you dont have to wait for previous image uploading complated

User Friendly

This tool is designed for all users, for using this tool you dont“t need to be a tech geek. You can easily use this tool and compress your images without having any trouble.

All Platforms Supported

This online compressor tool is browser based compress tool, means your image compress on browser, independently from your OS. So, you can easily use this tool from any device like a Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux


We ensure that your images are very secure.because your all selected files proccess on your browser, we Don“t upload your files, Your files are only yours. So, Don“t worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to compress bulk images?

Drag your image you want to compress, you can compress 20 image at a time.

Can i use your services for my business?

of course you can use our photo compress tool for you business

How do I compress a photo to 50kb?

Go to our and upload your JPEG then type 50kb in text box and compress.

How to Reduce Image Size in Kb?

Upload the image to the photo Kb reducer. the our tool recklessly reduce your photo size in kb

Why should I use a bulk image compressor tool?

Using a bulk image compressor tool offers several benefits. It helps reduce image file sizes, which improves website performance, decreases loading times, and saves storage space. Compressed images also consume less bandwidth, leading to faster page load times and a better user experience.

Can I choose the compression level?

No. Our compressor tool has been designed to provide the highest image compression level without lossing the quality of your images, that’s why you can't modify the compression level.

is there any compress limits?

no! you can compress as many as you want, but can compress 20 image at the same time

Do my images remain on your servers?

No! your uploaded all image proccess on your browser we do not upload your image on server

What is a bulk image compressor tool?

A bulk image compressor tool is an online service that enables you to compress and reduce the file size of multiple images simultaneously. It automates the compression process, saving time and effort when dealing with a large number of images.

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